Mir 4 NFTs Launching in Late September

  • Mir 4, the play to earn fantasy MMORPG, is launching its own NFTs later in September, 2021
  • NFTs look to have some kind of utility as slogan for them is “Mint, Trade, & Play.”
  • The NFTs bill themselves as “The world’s first NFT of commercially successful online games”

While Mir 4 continues to to gain momentum on Steam, it hit 37,193 concurrent players today, the play to earn MMORPG is set to launch its own NFTs later this month. An exact release date hasn’t been released, but the official website says “Coming soon in September.” These NFTs seem to have some utility/gameplay as well as they have levels attached to them and may represent ownership of digital assets inside Mir 4. Check out some of these NFTs below:

The official website for Mir 4 NFTs is Mir4NFT.com which will feature more information when the NFT system actually goes live. I suspect that players will be able to tokenize their characters in Mir 4 and trade them freely on the blockchain. The value of the tokens would be derived from their in game stats, so it essence it would work very similar to the game’s DRACO cryptocurrency which can be exchanged for valuable in game resources. Like DRACO, these NFTs will likely have real value because of their utility in the actual game.

Mir 4 is developed and published by the South Korean gaming company WeMade. Check out our Mir 4 page to learn more about it.

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