Mir 4

Mir 4 is a free to play cross-platform (PC & Mobile) MMORPG where players can earn cryptocurrency. Players can exchange an in-game currency, called Darksteel, for a cryptocurrency called DRACO. Draco can then be freely exchanged outside of Mir 4 on crypto exchanges and can also be converted back to Dark Steel. Draco essentially derives its value from usability in Mir 4.

Developer: WeMade
Platforms: PC (Steam) & Mobile
Type: Blockchain MMORPG
Release Date: August 24, 2021
Free to Play: 100% Free to play.
Play-to-Earn: Draco (Cryptocurrency) and NFTs


The core gameplay in Mir 4 is similar to that of other mobile MMORPGs (while Mir 4 is clearly designed as a mobile game, it does have a PC client on Steam). The game plays a lot like other mobile MMORPGs with much of the gameplay automated through the game’s auto-play system.


Mir 4 Play to Earn Features:

100% Free to Play – Mir 4 is totally free to play. No need to buy an NFT or anything like that. Just download the game and begin playing and earning valuable in-game assets which can be exchanged for cryptocurrency. Keep in mind though, you’ll need to play for some time and level up your characters before being able to earn any significant amount of cryptocurrency.

DRACO – Draco is the cryptocurrency that players can earn by playing Mir 4. DRACO can be obtained by exchanging a valuable in-game resource called Darksteel. Darksteel itself is an essential resource in Mir 4 as it can be used as currency in-game to power up characters. The exchange rate between Darksteel and Draco fluctuate day to day and there’s also a small transaction fee for each exchange.

NFTs – Players can create and trade unique NFTs simply by playing Mir 4.

Mir 4 Gameplay Video

Mir 4 Introducing DRACO Guide

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