Ember Sword Raises Over $203 Million In Virtual Land Sale

  • Ember Sword received over $203 million in pledges from nearly 35,000 people for 6,000 virtual land plots in the blockchain based MMORPG.
  • Bright Star Studios, the game’s developer, has sifted through the applications and those who qualified have from Sept 30 – Oct 14 to make their purchase.
  • This land sale event only included plots in the Solarwood Nation, one of four Nations that comprise the Ember Sword world. Additional land sales could see the studio raise hundreds of millions more.
  • Land in Ember Sword yields owners a share of trading and other fees generated from economic activity on their plots. These fees are earned in Ember, an ERC-20 token that serves as the game’s currency.

Ember Sword, an upcoming free to play blockchain based MMORPG, held a land sale last month which was quickly oversubscribed. $203 million in pledges by nearly 35,000 applicants were placed for the 6,000 plots made available. All 6,000 plots are located in the Solarwood Nation, one of four nations that comprise the Ember Sword game world. Approved applicants must finalize their purchase between September 30 – October 14 or their reserved plots will be added back into rotation and made available to other applicants or be included in the next land sale event.

Land plots come in several variants in Ember Sword, including City, Town, Settlement, and Regular plots. These land plots are stored on the Etherium blockchain via smart contracts and can be viewed on third party NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and TokenTrove.

An official blog post by Bright Star Studios offers additional details on the land sale process and on another feature they are launching. Players can now purchase NFT Community Badges which grant holders access to the upcoming pre-alpha and alpha test phases.

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