100 Slimes NFT Collection Sells out in 1 Hour 15 Minutes

  • The 100 Slimes NFT Collection from MMOs.com sold out in 1 hour 15 minutes.
  • The collection celebrates MMORPGs as slimes are an iconic character in various MMOs including MapleStory and Ragnarok Online
  • The NFT collection was priced at $0 but buyers had to pay GAS fees on Ethereum (which average $80-$125$)
  • Over 10 Eth of resales since launch on September 8 with one slime going for 0.5 Eth ($1,700)

MMOs.com launched their own NFT collection last night titled the ‘100 Slimes Collection‘ and it quickly sold out in 1 hour 15 minutes. MMOs.com describes the collection as:

100 Slimes is a celebration of the MMORPG genre. Each piece in this prestigious collection is a testament to where the genre has come from and where it is going. Be part of the journey as the MMO genre enters the Crypto era by owning an immutable artifact from this prestigious collection. Slimes have made appearances in video games for decades and it is their persistence in the face of unenviable odds that make them the ideal pioneer for this new frontier.

While time will tell if these Slimes retain their value (or any NFT for that matter), some people have bid up various slimes to 0.5 ether ($1,700) with overall volume for the collection exceeding 10 ether in less than 24 hours. While most NFTs don’t have any utility (outside of speculation), NFTs in blockchain based games like Axie Infinity do have some utility. The NFTs minted by MMOs.com are purely aesthetic and have no utility, but ownership may bring with it benefits of air drops in future projects by from the website.

You can check out the entire MMOs.com 100 Slimes Collection on OpenSea where they’re available for purchase (The entire original 100 sold out but they’re available for resale)

Here’s my one of favorites of their NFT Collection – Slime #5